Steps to Update your Live Project Status

Keeping your Live Project status up-to-date on is very important. Not only does it ensure that you make it to more Live Projects, but also ensures that you get credit for the Live Projects that you complete.

What do the different Live Project status mean?

There are 5 possible Live Project status:


This status comes automatically on your profile as soon as you apply to a Live Project.


This status indicates that you have been short-listed to work on a Live Project. The short-listing is done by's proprietary selection methodology. Mentor is keen to conduct additional rounds of selection.


This status indicates that you have been selected to work on a Live Project. The selection proces is conducted by's proprietary selection methodology. 

Started With Execution

This status is like your confirmation to the mentor and that you have started working on the project.

Completed - Pending Mentor Approval

When you have completed the project deliverables, you should update your Live Project status from "Started With Execution" to "Completed - Pending Mentor Approval". Once you do this, the mentor will be asked to approve your request. At the same time, the mentor will also be asked to leave a KSA rating (Knowledge, Skills and Aptitude score) and a skill recommendation for you. Once he/she leaves the recommendation, your certificate gets generated instantly and you will receive a notificaton for the same.


This status is set automatically by the system once the mentor approves your completion request. You will receive an email once the mentor approves your completion request.

Not working on this project anymore/Dropped

If you are not working on a project you were selected to, you should update your Live Project status from "Selected" to "Not working on this project anymore". This tells the selection system that you are available to work on other projects.

Why should I keep my Live Project Status Updated?

The proprietary Selection Process does not give preference to students working on 2 or more projects. This is keeping in mind that you have a full academic schedule as well. Hence, it is important to keep your profile on updated to indicate how many projects are you actively working on. 

Moreover, your certificate processing will start only after you have indicated that you have completed a project and the mentor has approved your completion request, leaving you a KSA rating and skill recommendation.


Steps to update your Live Project Status

Step 1: Login to

Step 2: Go to My Account Menu and select My Projects 

Step 3: In the filter section, please select "Projects I am working on"

Step 4: Locate the project and carry out the desired action


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