• Company Name:
    OysterConnect.com (http://www.oysterconnect.com)
  • Location:
    Mumbai, Chennai, Shimla, Cochin, Jaipur, Delhi NCR, Kochi, Gangtok, Coorg, Idukki
  • Duration:
    12 Weeks
  • Target Audience:
    Undergrad Students, Management Students
  • Number of openings:
    5 (In Each of the Above Cities)
  • Stipend:
    18000 (125% stipend for Premium Users)
  • Stipend:
    14400 (100% stipend for Free Users)
  • Completed Date:
    25th September, 2017
  • Start Date :
    Candidates will be allowed to choose a start date that is between 10th Jul 2017 & 10th Aug 2017.

About the company

OysterConnect.com is India's biggest Virtual Internship Platform wherein we source and carry out high quality, large scale, real time projects from top companies and get MBA & Undergrad students to work upon the same. All these projects are 100% managed by our in-house team of project managers who guide the students at each step of the engagement. We are looking at individuals who are keen to pick up some industry exposure before they could join a full time job in an organization. Such individuals are expected to work for minimum 3 months on this engagement. During their tenure with us,they will get to work on one or more of our Client Partner(s) requirements depending on location and other priorities. Some of our Client Partners are TripAdvisor, Google, HUL, Nestle India, Shiksha.com & GSK

Project Steps

  • You will get to work with one or more of our client partners depending upon our internal priorities.
  • The specific Tasks for each Individual will differ as per the Client Partner's requirements, for whom you are assigned to work.
  • However, some of the common tasks that can be expected to be a part of the Project Tasks are as follows:
    1. Secondary Research or Market Mapping
    2. Telephonic Interactions for generating Appointments/ leads
    3. Data Collection & Submission via OysterConnect's On-Field Data Collection Mobile App (Images/ Videos/ Forms/ etc.)
    4. Survey on Usage and Experiences of various products
    5. Leverage your network to generate product reviews or improve product adoption

Expected Project Output

The specific Output in terms of Targets to Achieved will differ for each Client Partner and will be communicated to the students by the Project Manager at the time of Selection.

Who Should Apply to This opportunity?
1. Candidates who are looking to get into Sales, Marketing, and Operations Roles.
2. Candidates who are looking to get into Customer Engagement Roles.
3. Candidates who are available & willing to work for 4 or more hours daily, for the next 3 months or longer.
4. Candidates who have completed their MBA program and have not cracked a full time opportunity yet.
5. Candidates who are preparing for their MBA program and would like to pick up some work experience in parallel

Type of Interaction

Virtual with Field Work, with flexible work hours. Student will be expected to spend 20-25 hours/week. Student will be required to do field work in the specified location. All interaction will happen over email/Group Chat/phone. No need to visit the office.

Extra Benefits

Certificates of Excellence & Additional Monetary Incentive Based on you achieving various Performance Parameters. Candidates who work for 3 months or longer will be given a Work Ex Certificate from OysterConnect.com