• Company Name:
    OysterConnect.com (http://oysterconnect.com/)
  • Location:
  • Duration:
    8 Weeks
  • Total Efforts:
    8 - 10 hours per week
  • Target Audience:
    Undergrad Students, Engineering Students, Management Students, Postgrad Students, Freshers
  • Number of openings:
  • Stipend:
    15000 (125% stipend for Premium Users)
  • Stipend:
    12000 (100% stipend for Free Users)
  • Completed Date:
    10th September, 2018
  • Start Date :
    Students will be allowed to choose Start Dates that are aligned to their Internship Schedule.

About the company

OysterConnect.com is India's Biggest Platform for Live Projects & Virtual Internships. We partner with various well known Companies and Brands to carry out large scale Corporate Projects. These projects are converted into Live Project & Virtual Internship Opportunities for thousands of students from all major Management & Undergraduate Programs across India. During the Internship Program, selected students will get to work on the requirements of our Client Partner - Shiksha.com.

Shiksha.com is a one-stop-solution making course and college selection easy for students looking to pursue undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) courses in India and abroad; also accessible to users on the move through the website’s mobile site. Their website is a repository of reliable and authentic information for over 14,000 institutions, 40,000 plus courses and has a registered database of more than 3.5 million students.

Shiksha.com has partnered with OysterConnect.com to launch a Campus Marketing Initiative, who in turn is providing the same as an Internship Opportunity to Management & Undergrad Students. This Internship will be hence managed end-to-end by Project Managers at OysterConnect.com including Selection of Candidates, Training & Assessment, Target & Task Allocations, Release of Certificates & Monetary Compensation, etc. (NOTE: All Certificates will contain both Shiksha & OysterConnect Logos).

Project Steps

  • The objective of this Internship is to help Shiksha become the no. 1 destination for college reviews where all future generations of college students can find the right colleges for themselves. People working on this Internship will be required to do the following:
  • Use your immediate network of friends, classmates, batchmates, siblings, cousins, etc., who fulfill a certain criteria (which you will learn when your internship starts). Make a List of all these people and determine how you are going to get in touch with them - via Phone Call/ WhatsApp/ Facebook/Face-to-Face Meeting or Any Other Media suited to your relationship with the person or group of people.
  • Next, Build a network of Associates: You can also select around 10 - 20 of your friends/ classmates/ club members and get them to not only provide their own reviews, but also get 10 - 12 reviews each from other people in their extended network. In this case, ensure the following:
  • Train your friends well on the eligibility criteria, common reasons for rejections and how to avoid them, how to approach the various people, and finally the importance of maintaining the rejection rate below 25%. Also, your friends who get at least 10 reviews from their own network, will be given a Live Project Completion Certificate containing the logo of Shiksha.com & OysterConnect.com. The same will be signed by a Senior Management Personnel of OysterConnect.com.
  • Target Student Coordinators of various clubs and activity cells across college campus and get them on-board as they generally have a vast pool of student data. You can offer A Live Project Certificate to the Student Coordinator in return for a certain number of reviews. Alternately, you can collect the student data (Name, contact details, email id, etc) and contact them yourself.
  • Finally, Use your alumni status at your previous college to get in touch with the Alumni Student Team and convince them to get the senior batches of students to post their reviews on Shiksha (using your link). You can also directly contact other alumni whom you personally know (your ex-classmates/ batchmates) via personal contacts or online groups & associations and get them to put up their reviews on Shiksha using your link.

Expected Project Output

Get 100 Genuine Reviews (Approved by Shiksha Team) over 8 - 12 weeks from students/ alumni of Any Course or Specialisation (UG/ PG/ Both).

Rewards & Benefits
1. Certificates: Internship Certificates, Work-Ex Certificates, Live Project Certificates, Additional Certificates of Excellence as per various Target Achievement Slabs and Other Performance Parameters.
2. Monetary Reward: Multiple Stipend Ranges will be offered against specific target slabs to ensure all students reap the benefits of their work. The target chart along with the Certificate KSA Ratings & Stipend Amounts will be shared with the students at the beginning of the Internship.

Skills You Will Learn
1. Networking
2. Influencer Marketing
3. Word-of-Mouth Marketing
4. Content Marketing and Content Management
5. Team Handling and Management

Who Should Apply to this Internship Project
1. Students looking for a Summer Internship Program of 6 weeks or longer as a part of their College Curriculum or Students looking to complete an additional Internship along with their academics (Virtual, Work from Home Opportunity that can be worked on anytime anywhere along with classes or professional engagements).
2. People who have a good network of peers/ batchmates/ classmates/ friends/ siblings/ etc. who are currently studying in or have recently passed out of any UG/ PG College/ University.
3. People who participate in or are coordinators of one or more clubs/ events/ departments in their respective colleges or have connections with such people via other channels such as Social Media groups, Alumni Chapters & Associations, etc.
4. People who have good interpersonal skills or are good at convincing/ networking with people, or People looking to take up Marketing/ Branding/ Content as their Career Paths.

Application & Selection Process
Step 1: Interested students need to apply to this posting
Step 2: Complete the Application process via filling a Google Form.
Click here to view the form. This form will help us understand your Skills and Interest areas
Step 3: On the basis of your Form Responses you will be selected and provided an Offer Letter
Step 4: Post selection, you will be trained appropriately by the Project Manager. The rest of the details (Targets, documents and processes) will also be shared with you alongside.

Type of Interaction

Virtual with flexible work hours. Student will be expected to spend 10 hours/week. All interaction will happen over email/Group Chat/phone. No need to visit the office.

Extra Benefits

Work-Ex Certificate + Live Project Certificate from Shiksha.com (on achieving the base targets) + Various Other Certificates of Excellence (Will be provided in case of various performance parameters achieved by the student). Click Here to Learn More about all Rewards & Benefits @ OysterConnect.com

Any Additional Information

Click Here to Know more Details such as Selection Criteria, Certificates, Stipend, Locations, and more.