• Company Name:
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (http://india-pharma.gsk.com)
  • Location:
  • Duration:
    2 Weeks
  • Target Audience:
    Undergrad Students, Management Students
  • Number of openings:
    20 (in all the small and big cities of the country)
  • Completed Date:
    25th September, 2017

About the company

GSK India is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country today. Their growth is backed with a strong reputation for genuine care for patients at the end of our supply chain, who are the main purpose of their business. GSK’s Vaccines business is one of the largest in the world, producing pediatric and adult vaccines against a range of infectious diseases. In the area of preventive healthcare, GSK continues to be the No. 1 vaccines company in the private vaccines market in India. GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd. is the category leader in Indian health food drinks industry with their flagship product, Horlicks, leading the market. Their goal is to build a global, growing business dedicated to everyday healthcare with a genuine consumer understanding that the modern world expects.

Project Steps

  • Students will be required to approach households in and around their neighborhood to get details of the various Home Remedies/ Herbal/ Ayurveda Products they use in their households. The details that a students will be required to collect are: Product Details & Experiences as per the Research Questionnaire, Pictures of the Products, and Videos of Home Remedy Recipes.
  • This will require the following steps:
    1. Identify households in your neighborhood and locality where you can approach the families for this Market Research. (Target households where you personally know the members as it will be an added advantage while acquiring detailed experiences)
    2. Call up the points of contact in the households, tell them about the Survey and what it will involve, get their consent in participating and set up the appointment.
    3. Visit these households on the appointed dates and interact with the members to conduct the survey.
    4. Fill the questionnaire (will be provided by the project manager), capture images of the products (as per guidelines given by project manager). In the case of Home Remedies, get Video Recordings of any one Remedy being prepared and other Video Recordings of the Respondent dictating the Recipe for the other Home Remedies.
    5. Share the duly filled questionnaire responses along with the photographs and the videos with the Project Manager.

Expected Project Output

1. Conduct the Survey at 5 different Households where each of the Households should have at least 1 Home Remedy and 2 Herbal/ Ayurvedic Products.
2. Submit the filled questionnaires, product pictures, and video recordings (for Home Remedies) as per guidelines.

Type of Interaction

Virtual with flexible work hours. Student will be expected to spend 10 hours/week. All interaction will happen over email/Group Chat/phone. No need to visit the office.

Extra Benefits

Certificates of Excellence & Monetary Incentives based on student achieving various Performance Parameters. Click Here to Learn More about all Rewards & Benefits @ OysterConnect.com.