• Company Name:
    OysterConnect.com (http://www.oysterconnect.com)
  • Location:
    Chandigarh, Varanasi, Bhubaneshwar, Indore, Raipur
  • Duration:
    1 Week
  • Total Efforts:
    4 hours of work to achieve 5 fresh registrations, mobile activation and and application to a specific project
  • Target Audience:
    Undergrad Students, Engineering Students, Management Students
  • Number of openings:
  • Completed Date:
    26th March, 2018
  • Start Date :
    Students should be ready to work within 3 days of applying to the project

About the company

OysterConnect.com is a tech enabled virtual and flexible workforce company. It sources Projects from well known brands and manages delivery on an end to end basis across 73 cities of India. The workforce is a 25,000+ active team. 70% of OysterConnect.com's flexible team come from excellent post graduate and undergraduate institutions of India. OysterConnect works with leading brands such as Microsoft, Google, GSK, Facebook, Nestle , TripAdvisor, Quikr and Shiksha.

Project Steps

  • The objective of this project is get the word out to individuals who want to freelance and are not aware of OysterConnect.com. Such individuals should be able to devote at least 4 hours a day, 6 days a week to these projects. If you are selected for this project, you will be expected to complete the following tasks. 1. Get 5 people you know to register on OysterConnect.com, activate their mobile number and apply to at least one project.
  • To do the above task you are expected to leverage your personal networks. You should ideally add only those who are really interested in working for at least 4 hours a day and working on Live Projects which might required local travel. You should spread the word through your Google hangouts, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp groups.
  • While getting your friends to register it is important that they use your unique referral link. In this way, your referrals can be tracked. You must tell your friends to sign up on OysterConnect.com via the same. The unique referral link can be obtained by going to our Refer a Friend Page (please ensure that you are logged in)
  • NOTE: Once you are selected you will be assigned to a Project Manager. He or she will guide you and help you with interesting content that you can send to your friends so as to encourage them to register and apply on OysterConnect.com.

Project Pre-Selection

If you have applied to this project, click here to fill the Pre-Selection form.

Expected Project Output

You are expected to get 5 friends to Register on OysterConnect.com, Activate their mobile number and Apply to at least One Project on OysterConnect.com.
NOTE: Selected friends should only be made apply to those projects which have the title "Parttime" or "Freelancer" in them

1. When you achieve your target of 5 Referrals you will receive a Live Project Certificate from OysterConnect.com.
2. Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Quality of Output (given to those whose referrals upon interviewing were found to be really committed to working on Live Projects).

Skills you will Learn
1. User Engagement
2. Marketing Communication
3. Social Media Engagement
4. Target Orientation
5. Organisational Skills

Type of Interaction

Virtual with flexible work hours. Student will be expected to spend 10 hours/week. All interaction will happen over email/Group Chat/phone. No need to visit the office.

Any Additional Information

You should apply to this project if you are yet to work on a Project via OysterConnect.com and want to start with a small and easy project. This will give you excellent practice and knowledge of all the tools used during the project and hence give you an excellent understanding of how Projects are run.