• Company Name:
  • Location:
    PAN India
  • Duration:
    1 Week
  • Target Audience:
    Undergrad Students, Management Students, Postgrad Students, Freshers, Part-time/ Freelance Professionals
  • Number of openings:
  • Completed Date:
    30th July, 2018
  • Start Date :
    Students will be expected to start working within 2 days of selection

About the company

Clear Tax is a technology company specializing in the ‘Tax’ domain. ClearTax's software helps individuals prepare and file their income tax return in the shortest time while maximizing their tax deductions. One such software is - GST software. It is a very powerful and highly compatible software. It is designed in a way to provide transparency and visibility of complete compliance progress to the businesses. This software comes with a "Managed Services" Package wherein apart from giving businesses access to the software, ClearTax also assigns virtual CA Teams to these businesses to take care of all their Compliance Requirements starting from GST Registration to Actually Filing the GST Returns efficiently and timely.

Project Objective/ Summary:

  • This is a short 1 week Project which requires students to conduct a compliance needs survey with the owners/proprietors of local businesses & SMEs with a turnover of over 20 lacs.
  • These can be any small business/ startup/ SME (such as Restaurants, Groceries, Departmental Stores, Retailers, Clinics/ Pharmacies, Clothing & Apparels (Merchants/ Traders/ Retailers/ Wholesalers), Salons, Small Firms (IT, Law, Real Estate, etc.), Manufacturing Units etc.) that are available in and around your locality/ local marketplaces.
  • You can also tap businesses whom you know such as your own family business, a friend/ neighbour who owns a business, etc. Students should perform the survey during their available hours, and at the same time should make sure that the project gets completed on time.

Project Steps

  • Complete the Training & Assessment process for this project:
    1. Read and understand all Project Training Documents provided by the Project Manager - Training Guidelines PPT, Training Videos, Product Descriptions, Pricing & Benefits, etc.
    2. Then, take the Project Assessment to gauge your own understanding of the project tasks & deliverables. The Project Manager will also check your responses and scores and accordingly train you on the gaps in learning (if any).
  • Start working on the Project Tasks as follows:
    1. Identify businesses in and around your locality or personal/ family connections as per the criteria mentioned in the project guidelines.
    2. Carry out the Compliance Needs Survey (via phone call or face-to-face meeting) with the owners/ proprietors of these businesses using the small Survey Questionnaire provided by Project Manager.
    3. Fill all the responses correctly in the questionnaire. Also, record the conversation on your phone and upload the same in the questionnaire.
    4. NOTE: After you submit the survey form, the leads will be contacted by the ClearTax sales team to close the deal, that is, get them to buy the Managed Services Package/ GST Software depending upon their interest.

Expected Project Output

To carry out a minimum of 10 surveys with Small Businesses/ SMEs and validate the interest levels of the leads.

Rewards & Benefits:
1. Certificates: Project Participation Certificate, Project Completion Certificate, Multiple Certificates of Excellence (as per various target achievement/ performance/ skill parameters).
3. Additional Incentives (Non-Monetary) maybe provided from time to time on Higher Target Achievements/ Conversions.

Skills you will Learn:
1. Primary Market Research
2. Financial Needs Assessment
3. Verbal Communication
4. Customer Engagement & Networking
5. Knowledge of GST and Compliances

Who Should Apply to this Project:
1. People who have finance background or are interested in working in finance sector.
2. People who are currently engaged in Summer Internships but would like to pick another Project Completion Certificate on the side. Students who are on the lookout to add that Extra Edge to their Resume!
3. Committed - People who like to work as per their own schedules and are willing to put in at least 1 hr everyday or 5 - 8 hours of work over the weekend.
5. Target Oriented - people who have the drive to go the extra mile and achieve the predefined targets and deadlines.
6. People who have good interpersonal skills, are good at convincing people and are looking to pick up skills or experience in Marketing/ Sales/ Customer Engagement etc.

Type of Interaction

Virtual with Field Work, with flexible work hours. Student will be expected to spend 20-25 hours/week. Student will be required to do field work in the specified location. All interaction will happen over email/Group Chat/phone. No need to visit the office.

Extra Benefits

Certificates of Excellence on the basis of student achieving various performance parameters & target slabs. Click Here to Learn More about all Rewards & Benefits @ OysterConnect.com

Any Additional Information

NOTE: Once students are selected, the Project Manager will send an Email Invite to all these students to join their project group on "Basecamp3" - A Project Management App & Website. All further interactions between students & the Project Manager will take place via this Basecamp Group. Therefore, please be on the lookout for the Email Invitation and follow the steps mentioned in the email to register and start interacting on the Basecamp.

Terms & Conditions:
Click to Read All the Important Terms & Conditions related to Live Projects & Internships on OysterConnect.com.