• Company Name:
    ArtsGallery - An Initiative by InnoBytes Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (http://artsgallery.in/)
  • Location:
  • Duration:
    4 Weeks
  • Number of openings:

About the company

InnoBytes Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Specialized E-Commerce Software Development, Innovative Skill Development and Research Firm. We are focused on Innovation in products and services we give in the field of IT, Analytics, E-Commerce, and Consulting. At ArtGallery, we connect the art connoisseurs and the makers. See our eclectic collection of mystifying art at http://artsgallery.in/. Visit InnoBytes!

Project Steps

  • Understand the products and services offered by ArtsGallery and the profile of target segment.
  • Analyse the Business Model & Strategy of other companies/ competitors/ players in the Industry including profit margins, customer base, practices, processes, etc.
  • Design an effective Business and Revenue model for the organisation basis your research.

Type of Interaction

Virtual with flexible work hours. Student will be expected to spend 10 hours/week. All interaction will happen over email/Group Chat/phone. No need to visit the office.