• Company Name:
  • Location:
    PAN India
  • Duration:
    8 Weeks
  • Total Efforts:
    10 - 12 hours per week
  • Target Audience:
    Undergrad Students, Engineering Students, Management Students, Postgrad Students
  • Number of openings:
  • Stipend:
    13812 (125% stipend for Premium Users)
  • Stipend:
    11050 (100% stipend for Free Users)
  • Completed Date:
    4th February, 2019
  • Start Date :
    Students will be allowed to choose Start Dates that are aligned to their Academic Schedule.

About the company

ClearTax is a technology company specializing in the ‘Tax’ domain. Our software helps individuals prepare and file their income tax return in the shortest time while maximizing their tax deductions. ClearTax Has recently come up with ClearSave wherein you can invest in Mutual Funds, avail the best expert guidance, build up a portfolio without any service charges.

ClearTax has partnered with OysterConnect.com - India's Biggest Platform for Live Projects & Virtual Internships, to launch a Campus Marketing Initiative, who in turn is providing the same as an Internship Opportunity to Management & Undergrad Students. This Internship will be hence managed end-to-end by Project Managers at OysterConnect.com including Selection of Candidates, Training & Assessment, Target & Task Allocations, Release of Certificates & Monetary Compensation, etc. (NOTE: All Certificates will contain both ClearTax & OysterConnect Logos).

Project Steps

  • Project Summary: This is a World Class, One-of-a-kind Virtual Internship Program which helps students to get a "Simulated Career/ Job Experience", consisting of Promotions to various levels of Organizational Designations, Multiple Certificates & Rewards (starting from Project Completion Certificates to Internship and Work-Ex Certificate), and can be executed alongside your usual academics. This Program duration is 2 months in which Interns have to complete certain tasks according to a monthly schedule. For each month, the work will be further divided into weekly tasks. Not only does this Program offer Flexibility in work hours & schedule, it also allows you to exit from the program at any time during the 2 month period!
  • Month 1 - Week 1 & 2:
    Designated as "Associate- Campus Marketing": Run a Personal Networking Campaign amongst your immediate/ extended network like peers, friends, classmates/ batchmates, family, relatives, acquaintances, etc., educate them on the benefits of investing in Mutual Funs/ Tax Saving Funds via ClearTax and get them to invest in the same via ClearTax.
  • Month 1 - Weeks 3 & 4:
    Designated as "Sr. Associate- Campus Marketing": Build a network of Associates by recruiting a set of min. 5 associates (friends, club coordinators, etc.), train them on the project guidelines and get each associate to do at least 5 closures each from their close/ extended network.
  • Month 2 - Week 1, 2, 3:
    1. Designated as "Campus Marketing Manager": Host weekly 'Financial Profiling' quizzes in college wherein every student who'll be participating in the quiz will have to invest in the Mutual Funds first. Participation certificates will be provided to all the students participating in the quiz. Top 5 scorers will be given Special Awards.
    2. Create and put up Posters around the Campus to generate visibility around the Project/ Quiz competition".
    3. Promote the Quiz Competition via Social Media Channels and Face-to-Face Conversations.
    4. Keep working along with your associates to ensure that the tasks are completed.
  • Month 2 - Week 4:
    Convert your best Associates (at least 3) into Long-Term Interns and get them to join this Internship (especially if they are from your Junior Batch). Train them on how to recruit their own Associates and get qualified leads through them.

Expected Project Output

To do a minimum of 100 Closures of Qualified Leads in 2 months through the above mentioned activities.

Rewards & Benefits:
1. Certificates: Project Completion Certificate, Internship Certificate, Campus Ambassador Certificate, and Multiple Certificates of Excellence (as per various target achievement/ performance/ skill parameters).
2. Course Completion Certificate for "Basics of Financial Profiling and Mutual Funds Investments" - A Certificate Program by OysterConnect.com
3. Stipend in the range starting from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 13,812/- depending upon your targets achievements. Additional Monetary Incentives on Higher Target Achievements.
4. "Champ of the Champions Award" that includes a Work-Ex Certificate and Director's Recommendation, will be given to the High Performer students who are able to achieve more than the base targets mentioned in the Target Chart below.
5. PPO for OysterConnect.com’s Summer Internship Program
6. Exclusive Access to OysterConnect.com’s Premium MS Excel Training Program.

Click Here to See the Complete Tasks & Rewards Chart.

Skills You will Learn:
- Networking & Chain Marketing
- Customer Engagement
- Verbal Communication
- Convincing and Persuasion
- Financial Services Marketing
- Social Media & Content Marketing
- Team Handling and Management
- Knowledge of Mutual Funds/Tax saving Funds
- Knowledge of Financial Profiling & Needs Assessment

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Type of Interaction

Virtual with flexible work hours. Student will be expected to spend 10 hours/week. All interaction will happen over email/Group Chat/phone. No need to visit the office.

Extra Benefits

Work-Ex Certificate, Internship Certificate, Certificates of Excellence, LinkedIn Recommendation, Director's Recommendation, Monetary Incentives (*As per Achievement of various Target Slabs & Other Performance Parameters). Click Here to Learn More about all Rewards & Benefits @ OysterConnect.com