• Company Name:
  • Location:
    PAN India
  • Duration:
    2 Weeks
  • Target Audience:
    Undergrad Students, Engineering Students, Management Students, Postgrad Students, Freshers, Part-time/ Freelance Professionals
  • Number of openings:
  • Last Date to Apply:
    31st July, 2019, 05:00 PM
  • Start Date :
    Students should be ready to work within 2 days of applying

About the company

1mg.com - India’s leading digital consumer healthcare platform - brings to you an online platform, which can be accessed for all your health needs. We are trying to make healthcare a hassle-free experience for you. Get your allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic medicines, vitamins & nutrition supplements and other health-related products delivered at home. Lab tests? That too in the comfort of your home. Doctor consult? Yes, we got that covered too. You can even read medicine and health content written by qualified doctors and health professionals.

Project Steps

  • Students will be required to approach households in and around their neighborhood to do a survey on the various chronic illnesses one or more of them and the medicines they use in their households. This will require the following steps:
    1. Identify a Target set of Households and make a list of Potential customers for 1mg project.
    2. Approach your own Family members first & then Identify households in your neighborhood and locality where you can approach the families for this Market Research. (Target households where you personally know the members as it will be an added advantage while acquiring detailed experiences).
    3. Call up the points of contact in the households, tell them about the Survey and what it will involve, get their consent in participating and set up the appointment.
    4. Visit these households on the appointed dates and interact with the members to conduct the survey. Identify the main purchasers in these families who buys/ orders/ facilitates/ pays for the medical requirements of the family members. Using the Survey Form, get an idea of whether or not they are using medicines on a regular basis in their household for a chronic illness such as Heart Problem, Blood Pressure Issue, Diabetes, etc. Fill the questionnaire (will be provided by the project manager) to record the data of their medicine usage, subscriptions, buying habits & frequencies, etc.
    5. Basis the Survey Results, Pitch to them the 1mg App, its services and benefits and how it can help them to streamline their medicine purchases. Convince them to download the App in their mobile phone and put in an order of medicines or book a lab test. The min. order value should be Rs. 500/- after discount.
  • Once, your Immediate network is exhausted, you can also approach people in nearby parks, clinics, medical stores, hospitals, etc and follow the same process that you have done for households.
    1. Take their contact details and then pitch them about this 1mg.
    2. Similarly, create a pipeline of customers through these surveys and follow with them for the orders.

Expected Project Output

Get a min. of 5 new users onboard to 1mg per month (Each with a min. order value of Rs. 500/- after discount). Get as many additional customer orders & leads as possible to earn more rewards & incentives.

Rewards & Benefits:
1. Project Completion Certificates: Certificate with KSA Ratings & Company Logo.
2. Certificates of Excellence highlighting specific Skills & Performance Levels: Will be given to students who achieve or showcase specific Performance Levels or Skills, as communicated by Project Manager from time to time.
3. Recommendations: LinkedIn Recommendations will be given to Top Performers as per achievement of various target/ performance/ skill parameters and slabs (The achievement parameters & slabs for the same will be communicated by the Project Manager at appropriate times).
4. Stipend & Monetary Incentives: Performance based Stipend basis the targets achieved.

Skills you will Learn:
1. Market Research
2. Verbal Communication
3. Customer Engagement & Networking
4. Convincing and Persuading

Who Should Apply to this Project:
1. Should have Good Communication Skills & On-the-feet thinking.
2. Should be comfortable with Sales & Fieldwork
3. Should be adequately comfortable with Technology
4. Should have own Smartphone or Laptop and should be willing to carry the same during fieldwork.

Terms & Conditions:
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Type of Interaction

Virtual with Field Work, with flexible work hours. Student will be expected to spend 20-25 hours/week. Student will be required to do field work in the specified location. All interaction will happen over email/Group Chat/phone. No need to visit the office.