Terms & Conditions - Part-time Projects on OysterConnect.com

Application & Selection to Projects: 


  • In order to get selected to any part-time project, your profile needs to be 100% complete, verified and activated. 
  • There may be additional selection criteria associated with a project depending on the Project Tasks, Brand, Client Requirements, etc.
  • You will be required to sign a T&C document at the time of accepting our Offer to join us as an OCFMP (OysterConnect.com’s Flexible & Managed Personnel)
  • People who Drop Out from Projects (after getting selected) will be given lower preference at the time of selection to all other subsequent projects they apply to.

Project Collaterals 


  • Any Project related Collaterals (Such as Stickers, Posters, Brochures, etc.) that is provided to you by the Project Manager is for your use during the project period only. Any leftover collaterals remaining with you after completion of the project targets or in case you are dropping out from the project, need to be returned to the Project manager within 1 week of your exit from the project.

Certificates & Remuneration 


  • Work-Ex Certificates will be released at the end of 3 months (in case the team member does not wish to continue further or wants to move to a different opportunity with us).
  • Certificates of Excellence will be released within a week of having achieved the specific milestones (as per approvals received from the company)
  • In case there are any Approvals pending from the Company’s side (on the work done by you), Certificates will be released only after all pending approvals are cleared by the company. The same will be emailed to your registered email id on OysterConnect.com as a PDF file attachment.
  • Certificates will be released under the Signature of a Senior Management Personnel from OysterConnect.com. It will however, contain the Logo of the Client Partner for whom the Project was executed. Click Here to View Sample Certificates.
  • On the basis of the targets achieved in a given month, remuneration for the same will be released by the end of next month.
  • Taxes as applicable will be deducted at source at the time of payout.
  • Payout will be done via NEFT. You will be required to share the details of your preferred bank account for the same.


Safety & Security  


  • Please note that your safety and well being during any project fieldwork is your own responsibility. OysterConnect will not be responsible for any medical reimbursements or support in case of any type of accidents or illnesses that you might face during the course of the project.


Debarment in Exceptional Scenarios


  • People who demonstrate unprofessional behaviour towards our people, processes or policies will be debarred from the selection process of all the subsequent projects they apply to irrespective of their past performance and subscription status. 
  • OysterConnect.com reserves the right to cancel their contract without prior notice.