Terms & Conditions for Live Project Stipends


  1. OysterConnect.com is not liable to pay student stipends unless the project is stipend protected. 
  2. OysterConnect.com transfers money in the account for which details have been given in the student profile. OysterConnect.com is not liable for any discrepancy in the information there.
  3. OysterConnect.com charges 30% handling fee on stipends for Free Students
  4. OysterConnect.com does not charge any handling fee for paid members, however there could be small deductions in the following scenarios -
    • When the mentor has deducted TDS on students stipends
    • When the stipend amount is based on your performance during the project and performance parameters have not been met by you.
    • When you have received more than Rs 30,000/- of stipends in a particular financial year via OysterConnect.com, then TDS will be deducted on further payouts