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What are the various Types of Rewards that can be earned by a student? 


Certificates of Excellence (COEs) -

  • Certificates of Excellence are an additional type of certificates which are awarded to students when they achieve specific performance parameters or exhibit specific skills or complete specific tasks beyond the scope of their project.

  • Examples of some Performance related COEs are COE for Speedy Execution, COE for Surplus Output, COE for Outstanding Quality of Output, etc.

  • Examples of some Skills/ Tasks related COEs are COE for Research & Analysis, COE for Strategic Execution, COE for Team Management, etc.

LinkedIn Recommendations

  • LinkedIn Recommendations are provided by Project Managers on a Student’s LinkedIn Profile once a student has attained High Performer status.

  • These recommendations will come directly from the Project Manager’s own LinkedIn profile and will contain a summary of the student’s achievements on the project along with the Skills he/ she has exhibited.

Eligibility to get 125% Stipend

  • This is again a unique reward system wherein all students who achieve the “High Performer” status will become eligible to get 125% of the stipend amount earned by them.

  • Example, if a student has earned a total of Rs. 10,000/- then as a High Performer, the actual stipend amount that he/ she will receive will be 125% of Rs. 10,000/- i.e., Rs. 12,500/-.

How Do these Rewards Help a Student in the long term? 


COEs & LinkedIn Recommendations help a student to stand out in the crowd!

Degrees & Internship Certificates are things which every student gets. However, not all students are able to earn a COE or Get a LinkedIn Recommendation from their Project Managers. In fact, as freshers most students do not even have a LinkedIn Profile..let alone a profile that has recommendations from professionals who they have worked with.

Therefore, at the time of placements, these COEs & Recommendations are the ones that will help the recruiters to differentiate between the general students who have just followed the dictats of their curriculum and the bright ones who have shown Above Average Performances, Exhibited specific Professional Skills, and have taken up unique tasks & experiences in their past. All these will be be proven at one shot via the COEs and/ or the LinkedIn Recommendations.

Finally, the implications of becoming eligible for 125% stipend is self-explanatory. It is an achievement in itself that a student should highlight in his/ her resume. Also, it enables a students to get rewarded more handsomely for the extra effort that he/ she has put into achieving the High Performer status.

How can a Student Win/ Earn these Rewards? 


Given below is the Table enlisting all the Rewards and their Corresponding achievement parameters. This will help students to understand what they are required to do in order to win/ earn these Rewards:

Rewards & Certificates that can be Earned

Performance Parameters to be Achieved by Student to Earn the Corresponding Reward

Target Specific Rewards

Certificate of Excellence - Consistent Output

Has regularly achieved their Daily/ Weekly Run Rates & Targets

Certificate of Excellence - Speedy Execution

Has done an extraordinarily large number within a very short period of time (such as in a Single Day or Over a Weekend)

Has completed the Assigned Targets/ Milestones much before the Deadline

Certificate of Excellence - Surplus Output

Has overachieved the Total Target or Weekly Target assigned by almost 150%

Certificate of Excellence - Outstanding Quality of Output

Has an Approval Rate of 90% to 100% or a Rejection Rate below 10%

Certificate of Excellence - Star Performer

Has shown exceptional performance in multiple parameters - Has overachieved the targets + Achieved the same before the deadline + Quality of work done or approval rates are good.

Extraordinary Performance Rewards

Director's Recommendation

Has shown Extraordinary Excellence and is a clear outlier (within the OysterConnect student universe) in terms of Achieving Huge Numbers, Skills, Initiative, Attitude, etc.

Eligibility for the 125% Stipend Amount

Has been assigned the "High Performer" Status basis their Achievements in one or more of our Projects/ Internships

LinkedIn Profile Recommendation from Project Manager @

Has been assigned the "High Performer" Status basis their Achievements in one or more of our Projects/ Internships

Skills/ Task Specific Rewards

Certificate of Excellence - Research & Analysis

Has spent extra time & efforts in doing Secondary Research/ Data Validation/ Data Fixing on a large amount of data

Certificate of Excellence - Strategy Implementation

Has assisted in carrying our new process/ project pilots & provided effective feedback to help us understand or tweak project processes

Certificate of Excellence - Strategic Training Support

Has helped the OysterConnect team by creating videos or documents for project training - Such as Field Demos/ Tutorials/ Vendor Interaction Demo, etc.

Certificate of Excellence - Mentorship

Has been able to teach & train a fellow student/project intern and enabled him/ her to successfully complete their targets

Certificate of Excellence - Team Management

Has exhibited Leadership & Team Handling capabilities by taking up the initiative of managing a group of fellow interns and leading everyone towards successful completion of their targets.