FAQs - Internships at OysterConnect.com

I am keen to apply for OysterConnect.com Internship Program, what is the process for the same?


You need to apply to our Internship Openings on the portal. Click here to view the same.

What will be the Selection Criteria?

We will have a comprehensive multi stage selection process for the internship program. Following are the key parameters that will be considered -


  • You should score a minimum of 60% in the OysterConnect.com Aptitude Assessment.

  • Based on the above score, you will be shortlisted for a telephonic interview

  • Your past performance on other projects, if any will be given a high weightage in the selection process. Students who have completed 1 or more projects successfully will have a higher chance of making through the process

  • We have limited openings in each city. Students would be given preference on first come first serve basis

Which city will I be working in?

We are looking at interns working in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur or any other Tier I City across India. Students who are from these cities (hometown / current location / willing to travel to these locations) will be given preference.

When will the Internship start?

This will be adjusted as per your college internship schedule.

What is the the last date to apply?

We should receive your application at least 30 days before your internship start date, however, since we have limited openings in each city, you should apply at the earliest to improve your chances of selection.

My college has internship schedule that’s longer than 8 weeks, is it possible to work for a longer time?

Yes. It is possible to extend your internship for more than 8 weeks. You will be given targets / stipends keeping your internship schedule in mind.

Which client will I be working for?

You will get to work on any one or more of our client partners’ (Such as TripAdvisor, Facebook, mRupee (100% subsidiary of TATA Teleservices), Nestle India, HUL) requirements depending on your location and our internal priorities.

Will I be working in OysterConnect’s office? Or will I be required to visit OysterConnect’s office during the Internship period?

No. you will be working in your assigned city on a virtual basis, however an OysterConnect Project Manager will always remain in touch with you to help you achieve your deliverables.

Who will I be reporting to?

You will be assigned a Project Manager from OysterConnect.com who will work with you very closely to ensure you achieve your targets.


Will I need to travel as part of my responsibilities?

Yes, you will be expected to do local travelling to carry out the assigned tasks successfully.

How many hours a day will I be expected to work?

 You will be expected to work for 8 hours a day.Yes. It is possible to extend your internship for more than 8 weeks. You will be given targets / stipends keeping your internship schedule in mind.

How many days a week will I be expected to work?

You will be expected to work for 6 days a week with a weekly off on Sundays. If you work on a Sunday then you can take a compensatory off on any week day in the subsequent week

Will I have targets?

Yes. You will have predefined tangible non-revenue targets. These will be communicated to you in the beginning itself. You are expected to work very closely with the assigned Project Manager in order to achieve them successfully.

What kind of stipend can I expect to earn?

This will completely depend on your performance. The more number of Targets you accomplish, the higher stipend you will earn. An average student should be able to make stipend in the range of Rs 5,000 - 7,500/- per month. In the past, students have made as much as Rs 10,000/- too on a monthly basis.

If I do not achieve my targets, will I be eligible for certificate / stipend?

OysterConnect.com acknowledges the need of doing summer internships with complete dedication and sincerity. This will be your first exposure to a Corporate life, and hence you are expected to work the way you would do in a full time job. We have determined base targets which we believe every student is capable of achieving. Students who carry out all the assigned tasks (irrespective of the output) will be given the certificate. Stipend will be given to only those who achieve their minimum targets.

Who will I get the Internship Certificate from? OysterConnect.com or their Client Partner?

You will receive the Internship Certificate from OysterConnect.com. You will also receive a Live Project Certificate from our Client Partner.

My college has a fixed Certificate format. Can you customize the Certificate for me as per my college’s format?

Yes. Please share the format template to the assigned Project Manager at the end of your Internship Program and we will be able to accommodate the requirements.

I am expected to submit a Summer Internship report in my college, will the Project Manager help me in creating my report?

Yes. You are expected to create your project report as per your college format and then send it to the assigned Project Manager for review.