Student FAQs

1. How are  Live Project on different from Internships?
  • They are Virtual - Live Projects are virtual while an internship mostly requires face to face engagement
  • They are Round the year - Live Projects can be done all round the year while internships are done during specific months only
  • They can be carried out Along With studies - Live Projects can be done along with your studies while for internships you need to wait for a semester break
2. Will I get a Certificate on completing the Live Project? 
Yes, you will get a certificate if you complete the Live Project satisfactorily and on time. However, if the project does not meet the mentor’s expectations, then he/she may choose to not award you the certificate. Click here to view the sample certificate.

3. Do I need to pay to do a Live Project via ?
No. You can register for free and apply to Projects which are free (meaning the ones which are not labeled Premium). However if you wish to apply for Premium projects then you need to switch to a paid subscription.

4. Does a paid subscription guarantee Live Projects?
Yes. We guarantee upto 6 Live Projects in a Paid subscription. View subscription details.

5. What are the benefits of having a paid subscription on
  • Upto 6 Live Projects guaranteed
  • Preference in the selection process
  • 0% handling fee deduction on stipends
  • Access to Premium Projects
  • Access to Mentor Engagement Features such as “Ask a Mentor”, “Talk to a Mentor”, “Meet a Mentor”
6. What is the Selection Criteria to qualify for a Live Project at
Our selection process is extremely comprehensive and looks at multiple parameters such as your Skill Assessment Scores, Live Project History, KSA Rating & Mentor Recommendations. We may consider some other parameters too such as Educational Background, Specialization, Expertise in a particular area etc if a mentor demands it.

7. Does play any role in the selection process?
Yes. manages the selection process and sends out a selected list of  students to Mentors. From there on Mentors may decide to conduct further shortlisting, however in more than 99% of scenarios they go ahead with the given list of students only.

8. Should I take all the assessments?
The skill assessment areas have been decided after having consulted with 1000+ mentors across the Industry. Working knowledge of these areas is the need of the hour. Mentors are looking for students who can write well, create ppts, manage excel workbooks, communicate convincingly, use social media for work, analyze a given data and present the findings. Skill Assessment Scores play a crucial role in the selection process and help you to differentiate from others.

9. What should I do to improve my chances of selection?
  • Apply to Live projects regularly
  • Do not choose Live Projects only on the basis of the brand - since that will have maximum competition from all across India
  • Have an Analytical Skills Assessment score of 75% +
  • Have a Business Writing Skills Assessment score of 60% +
  • Take all the Skill Assessments
  • Update your profile
  • Complete your work on the projects you have been selected for
  • Do not drop out of the projects
  • Move to a paid subscription
10. I have completed my project, how do I get  my certificate ? 
Please mark yourself as “Completed Pending Approval” on the “Live Project History” section of your profile. This will initiate an email to the mentor asking him to confirm your completion. Once that is done, you will instantaneously get your Certificate delivered into your inbox. It is recommended to follow up with the mentor regularly.

11. I am a free member and have completed a project.  Will I get a Project Completion Certificate? 
Yes. You will get the Project completion certificate on successful project completion.

12. I have a paid subscription on, will I get projects without applying?
No. You need to apply for Live Projects regularly. You are given projects from the ones you apply for.

13. I did not receive my username and password from What should I do?
Please check your spam / updates / promotion folders. Do make sure that email id mentioned by you does not have any spelling errors. Please click here to regenerate account activation link.

For more queries please write to us at