Why is TripAdvisor’s Co-Branding Project a Game Changer for a Young Professional?

“I come from a conservative town in Madhya Pradesh where students’ exposure to industry experience is not that great. My father wouldn’t allow me to travel to another city for a project opportunity. But I knew I really needed to prepare myself and get some hands on work experience with a company before heading out for the final placements. That’s when I grabbed the live project opportunity of TripAdvisor via OysterConnect.com” - Garima Sharma.

The story of Garima Sharma is similar to many other students who have done the TripAdvisor’s Annual Co Branding Project via OysterConnect.com.

Students constantly mention how executing this project changed their understanding of what it takes to be a world class Professional.

At the core of this Project lies the fact that there is not one job in today’s date that requires a single set of skills. Each and every job in the Industry has become demanding and the need for holistic skills is only growing. TripAdvisor’s Annual Co Branding project is able to achieve that within a period of 50-60 hours of work over 6 weeks.

Students pick up high demand skills such as:

  1. Market Research  

  2. Customer Segmentation

 3.   Customer Engagement

 4.   Brand Activation

Soft skills are oft quoted as the reason that many a student is unable to crack that dream job opportunity. The Trip Advisor Co- Branding project provides students with an opportunity to challenge themselves. They pick up practical skills such as:

  1. Convincing and Negotiation Skills

  2. Deadline Orientation

  3. Effective Time Management

  4. Problem Resolution

  5. Critical thinking

  6. Strategic Understanding  

Technology pervades all aspects of work life. This project also ensures that students pick up requisite skills in these areas as well. These include - :

  1. Working on Cloud based Applications such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive

  2. Using Mobile Applications for data gathering and validation .


Student speak:

“Working for TripAdvisor was quite challenging. That moment before I stepped into a restaurant was a bit scary each time. Once I found a restaurant owner who was so proud that TripAdvisor wanted to review their restaurant  that he made me sit there for half an hour and told me about how they started their business along with complimentary food and drinks. TripAdvisor tag and ID did all the magic.”

  • Shiva P. Sai, Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore

“As this was my first field project that I ever experienced, I learnt so much during my internship. It was hard to convince the restaurant owners to use the TripAdvisor tag and take pictures of the same. I picked up quite a lot of skills during the course of this project, like communication, networking, negotiating, convincing and a few soft skills as well.”

  • Pervez Umar, G.D. Goenka University, Delhi


Hundreds of such students have transformed themselves both personally and professionally through this project experience. They have managed to overcome their fears of not just striking up a conversation with strangers, but also convincing themselves to use new age technologies with a lot more savviness. It has made them confident, proactive and more logical in terms of strategic thinking and problem solving.

You too can grab this opportunity while it lasts.

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