Why is Shiksha’s Review Project a Game Changer for a Young Professional?

“I am an open, social and a friendly person. I love meeting new people and have a lot of friends. Good communication and writing skills are some of my strengths. Responsibility is one thing I take full pride in, due to which I was chosen to be the Class Representative. When I saw the project by Shiksha.com, it  grabbed my attention as in this project I could employ my networking skills. Since I have a knack for writing, I immediately decided to take up this project” - Pooja Gupta

The story of Pooja Gupta is similar to many other students who have leveraged their network by doing Shiksha Review Project via OysterConnect.com

Students constantly mention how executing this project changed their understanding of what it takes to be a world class Professional.

At the core of this Project lies the fact that there is not one job in today’s date that requires a single set of skills. Each and every job in the Industry has become demanding and the need for holistic skills is only growing. Shiksha’s review project is able to achieve that within a period of 25-35 hours of work over 2 weeks.

Students pick up high demand skills such as:

  • Building a network and leveraging it

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Customer Engagement

  • Brand Activation

  • Customer Participation Strategies

  • Analytical Skills

Soft skills are oft quoted as the reason that many a student is unable to crack that dream job opportunity. The Shiksha Review project provides students with an opportunity to challenge themselves. They pick up practical skills such as:

  • Networking Skills

  • Persuasiveness

  • Innovation and Creativity

  • Verbal and written communication

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Convincing Skill

  • Deadline Orientation

  • Independent Decision Making

  • Effective Time Management

  • Problem Resolution

  • Critical thinking

Technology pervades all aspects of work life. This project also ensures that students pick up requisite skills in these areas as well. These include - :

  1. Working on Cloud based Applications such as Google Sheets, Google Forms

  2. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin for reaching out to millions of reviewers.


Student speak:

I learnt various skills ranging from leadership, communication and time-value.It was a great experience and at the same time I am joyous to contribute to help young generation in decision making about their future.In a nutshell, it was a great opportunity to get associated with India's biggest education portal.”

  • Abhishek Mahajan, Delhi University, Delhi

“The project appeared to be a simple one in the beginning. Once I started working on the project, I understood it requires lot of convincing skills, persuasiveness to make people write 750 letters about their own college. Each reviewer had to be approached and convinced differently. But this project helped me to improve my negotiation and communication skills. Overall it was a nice experience.”

  • Anshu Jose, Christ University, Bengaluru

"My experience of working on the Shiksha project was a good one. I was able to apply and polish a lot of skills like influencing, convincing and clarifying with regard to the reviews needed from my target audience.

Also, I was happy to be associated with a brand like Shiksha and to be able to contribute to their goal of ensuring quality education for students across the nation. "

  • Pooja Singh, Christ University, Bengaluru

Hundreds of such students have transformed themselves both personally and professionally through this project experience. They have managed to overcome their apprehension of not just striking a conversation with their peers, but also convincing themselves to use new age technologies with a lot more savviness to reach large population at once. It has made them confident, proactive and more logical in terms of strategic thinking and problem solving.

You too can grab this opportunity while it lasts.

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