Why is Meritnation’s Customer Engagement Live Project a Difference Maker For An Aspiring Sales & Marketing Professional?


Interviewer: Hello, great to meet you for this interview with our Company ABC Pvt Ltd. To start with, do you have any prior experience in B2B selling?


Student: No sir, I have no such experience.


Interviewer: Did you gain any experience in your college or school where you got the opportunity to sell anything to Companies such as sponsorships?


Student: Sorry Sir. No.


Interviewer: Thank you so much for the interview!


Well, this is how an average conversation between a Fresher Student and an Interviewer (who is looking to hire dynamic sales professionals with prior experience) progresses.


DID YOU KNOW ?  60% of the jobs offered to MBA students are sales jobs.


Pankaj Bansal, co-founder and CEO, PeopleStrong said, “The industry is on the lookout for job-ready people which most MBA grads are not (barring those in IIMs and other top B-schools where placement is high).”


Statistics report by AICTE reveal that in 2016-17, just 47% of Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduates got placed on the campus, a dip of 4% over the previous year, marking a five-year low.


In today’s slowdown, every company is looking for “readymade” employees and pushes MBA institutes to recruit “employable” students . Hence, it has rather become a requisite than a nice to have.


The big question is - How can you gain sales experience while studying?


Taking up Live Projects for Marketing & Sales during MBA can prove to be a great investment for students who want to differentiate their CVs and score more than other similar caliber students in a job interview.


The most important thing Live Projects in MBA marketing teach, are “Life Skills”. Students demonstrate better awareness of their skills and hence are able to better answer questions related to their own skills during the  interview process.


One such Live Project that will not only help you hone your selling or convincing skills but will also improve your understanding of what it takes to be a world class Professional is the one on OysterConnect.com . It is a Customer Engagement Live Project for MBA offered by Meritnation.com


At the core of this Project lies the fact that there is not one job in today’s date that requires a single set of skills. Each and every job in the Industry has become demanding and the need for holistic skills is only growing. Meritnation’s Customer Engagement Project is able to achieve that within a period of 50-60 hours of work over 6 weeks.


Students working on this Project will pick up high demand skills such as:

  • Lead Assessment & Validation

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Customer Engagement

  • B2C Selling

  • Product Presentation

  • Analytical Skills


Soft skills are oft quoted as the reason that many a student is unable to crack that dream job opportunity. Meritnation’s project provides students with an opportunity to challenge themselves. They pick up practical skills such as:

  • Networking Skills

  • Coordination Skills

  • Strategic thinking

  • Persuasiveness

  • Verbal communication

  • Problem Resolution

  • Convincing Skill

  • Deadline Orientation

  • Independent Decision Making

  • Effective Time Management


Technology pervades all aspects of work life. This project also ensures that students pick up requisite technical skills in these areas as well. These include - :

  1. Working on Cloud based Applications such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive for reporting, gathering feedback, sharing data, etc.

  2. Using CRM Mobile Applications for contacting customers, scheduling meetings, updating statuses, data gathering and validation.

  3. Mobile based project management tools to coordinate with the team.


Now, that you know, let us get started with the Live Project by Meritnation.com !


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