Life in an IIM

January 9, 2017- I still remember this date. With an ocean of turbulence inside me, I sat in front of the desktop and entered my CAT ID to check the result. The next moment shocked me altogether. I got 97.84 percentile. This was the turning point of my life. Having won half the battle, I started sharpening my sword for the upcoming war. Ultimately, I got the ticket to the exciting world of IIM Rohtak. KATHOR, as we proudly speak of ourselves, is the word obtained by reversing ROHTAK. It means “tough” in Hindi. The rigor inside the college ensures that each KATHOR passes out of the college ready to take the tough challenges of the world head-on. My journey with IIM Rohtak started with the roller- coaster ride of “Aarambh”. This is the part of the induction program prepared meticulously by the seniors. In Aarambh, we were pushed beyond our limits. Those were crazy three weeks. We received emails containing the tasks  We had to complete tasks like Market research, competitor analysis, Porter’s 5 forces analysis and what not. Giving presentations in business formals at 2 am was a new experience for all of us. This phase helped me to make connections. Aarambh ended with an enthralling party organized by The Cultural Committee. The party helped us to relax a bit. After the tumultuous journey of Aarambh, we went on a roller-coaster ride of the selection process of the committees. We were bombarded with multiple interviews to test our competency. The most sought-after committees in IIM Rohtak are- PlaceCom, PR cell, and The Student Council. We got into our respective committees based on our skills. Now I will walk you through a typical day in the life of a Kathor. Every day is unpredictable in IIM Rohtak.

8 am- 5 pm: It is 7:45 am..Snooze..Snooze..Snooze and Bam! It is time to decide quickly whether to go for breakfast or enjoy 15 minutes of sleep. You can not dare to be late in class, even by 1 minute. We rush for our classes in acad-block. In class, you are bamboozled by the skills of the faculty and your peer group. There is a fight to get the CP (Class Participation) amongst the students. There are some DCP(s) as well. (Desperate CP). There is another lingo which is famous- “Globe”. All my fellow mates in MBA are familiar with this lingo. There is a competition to receive “Inko deejiye taaliyaan” from Pandey Sir. We learn a lot from the classes. We may be hit by a surprise quiz from the faculty. After the classes, the real fun begins. At about 4 pm, we go to chill at Caffe Frappe. There are rounds of tea, coffee, cold-drinks along with healthy discussions on any topic under the sun. After this we are headed to committees/ clubs meetings to discuss and decide the plan of action for the upcoming activities. These meetings are fun filled with some creative ideas. You give your insights and at the same time, get mesmerized by the practicality and thinking of your peers. I am an executive member of ‘The Cultural Committee’. In this Committee,  we  organize ‘The Freshers’ for the new batch, ‘Farewell’ for the passing batch, cultural competitions like- War of Sections, Nukkad Natak, Comedy Nights, Singing competitions, etc.

5 pm- 8pm: After brainstorming ideas in clubs meetings we go for snacks at the college mess. We enjoy the gossips and the laughter. Some of us enjoy a session of badminton / basketball / volleyball / cricket, etc. Having charged up our batteries, we go to our respective rooms. A pile of assignments, presentations, quizzes await us. One-by-one, we finish them off. These intense sessions are lightened by ‘sweet’ disturbances from the neighbours.

8 pm – 10 pm: It is time to cool-off the pressure. We go for  lively chatting session at college mess. We enjoy dinner with news on TV.

10 pm – 2 am: A day in a Kathor’s life does not end after the dinner and TV. We has to do a lot more to hone our skills. We complete the readings of case-studies to be discussed tomorrow in the class.  Most of the rooms in the hostel are filled with a group of students discussing, deliberating, debating on a particular topic. An immensely competitive peer group ensures that everyone brings something new on the table. This is how we grow at IIM Rohtak. Night canteen and S.T.O.R.E. proves to our savior during cravings for Maggi and Coffee. After 2 am we finally seek the heavenly abode of sleep. Exhausted as hell, we sleep within a minute of putting our head on the pillow only to wake up again by the alarm.

We have various activities to be engaged with. We get many opportunities to showcase our talent, compete and hone our skills. There are competitions organized by the Marque Club (marketing club), mock GD and interviews by Training Cell, Strategy based case studies by Strategy & Consulting club, etc. We get to apply the learnings of the class on the field when we host TEDxIIMRohtak, Film Summit, Mini Marathon, and Infusion. These are the annual flagship events of IIM Rohtak. Each event is appropriately planned by dividing each event under the verticals of Sponsorship, Publicity, Logistics, Accounts & MOU, Creative, Stage Management, Crowd Management, etc. One of the many important things which I learned after coming here is shaving within 5 minutes. No kidding. You never know when a bomb is dropped on you by an email demanding your presence for guest-lecture, presentation or other placement related activities.

IIM Rohtak has prepared me to take any challenge head-on. I am thankful to this institute for having a significant contribution in making me who I am today. We need to keep upgrading our skills by taking part in B-school competitions and Live projects and internships. One website which I find useful for live projects is You can also view all the live projects and internships by clicking below-

Pulkit Mangal