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Build skills for a lifetime! is a platform which provides Live Projects & Virtual Internships sourced directly from the Industry to students - MBA, BBA, Engineering, Post-Grads & Under-Grads. 99% of the opportunities are Virtual and hence can be done from anywhere in the country.

Most require only 10 hours of effort per week and hence can be done along with studies. They are short ranging from 2 weeks - 2 months.

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The Oyster Connect Advantage

Virtual & ShortMost projects are virtual and short, requiring a commitment of 10 hours per week for 2-4 weeks. Easy to do along with studies.
Earn Stipend & Certificates Most projects offer a stipend. All projects come with a certificate signed by the Industry mentor along with the company logo.
Guaranteed Projects guarantees selection in upto 6 Live Projects. T&C apply.
Execution Support provides collaboration tools like project group communication, conference call, weekly digest & submissions manager.

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How it works ?


Step 1

Register & Build your profile

It’s free and takes under a minute. Take Skills Assessments & work on Skilling Projects to build your profile. Specify your Interest Areas to get recommended projects in your Inbox.


Step 2

Apply to Virtual Internship

Browse through new opportunities posted every day, read complete details and apply to the ones that interest you. If selected, you will be notified by email & SMS once the application deadline closes.


Step 3

Do Great work using our tools

Get started immediately from wherever you are located. Use our tools like conference call & group email to collaborate with your mentor and team mates.


Step 4

Upload submission, Earn Certificate & Stipend

Upload your submissions on the platform. Your mentor will be notified automatically. As soon as he approves, you will receive your certificate in your email. This will also initiate your stipend* release process (* T&C apply)

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  • Do I need to pay to do a Live Project via ?
  • No. You can register for free and apply to Projects which are free (meaning the ones which are not labeled Premium). However if you wish to apply for Premium projects then you need to switch to a paid subscription.

  • Does a paid subscription guarantee Live Projects ?
  • Yes. We guarantee upto 6 Live Projects in a Paid subscription. View subscription details.

  • Will I get a Certificate on completing the Live Project ?
  • Yes, you will get a certificate if you complete the Live Project satisfactorily and on time. However, if the project does not meet the mentor’s expectations, then he/she may choose to not award you the certificate. Click here to view the sample certificate.

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